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Tate MacDowell



2001-2003 BA degree in TV/Radio, Roy H. Park school of communications at Ithaca College


Travis Rice’s “Flight: Canada” (TV pilot) (unreleased)

NBC’s world of adventure sports: Ian Walsh- Jaws (TV segment) (2010)

Red Bull’s Young Jaws featuring Ian Walsh (TV show) (2010)

Quiksilver Cyphervision: A Short Film (editing & sound design) (2010)

Quiksilver Cypher Boardshort Campaign (editing & sound design) (Commercial) (2010)

“Semper Ride” (Action sports film) (2009)

June 2003 – December 2008

Senior film/video editor at Teton Gravity Research

Editing/ postproduction and creative for feature action sports films including:

“Under The Influence” 2008 ski/ snowboard

“Out There” 2008 surf

“Lost and Found” 2007 ski/ snowboard

“Anomaly” 2006 ski/ snowboard

“Tangerine Dream” 2005 ski/ snowboard

“Soul Purpose” 2004 ski/ snowboard

November 2006 – January 2007  

Editor, RE:Evolution of Sports on Showtime

Editing segments for a thirteen part episodic series, my responsibilities included editing short form story lines, events, and athlete profiles. I shot footage of magazines to add a retrospective look to the content. I also worked directly with the writer to make sure that the narration fit perfectly into the story line.

December 2005 – February 2006

Editor, Untracked on FUEL TV (Fox)

My job as editor included taking several hours of 16mm, 8mm, helmet camera, and HDV footage to create half hour television shows that showcased the travels and experiences of a group of skiers and snowboarders. Established stories using character building, location set ups, action montages, comic relief, and sometimes a little horror to hold the viewer.


Editor, Jeep World of Adventure sports on NBC

Throughout my duration at TGR part of my responsibility was editing short (5-7 minute) segments that would be featured on the series. Segments mostly consisted of editing down content that had been shot for TGR’s feature film or Untracked series into a shorter version that would air on a one hour series showcasing sports much like “NBC’s Wide World of Sports.”


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