“Semper Ride”

Here’s a little sneak peak at the latest film I had the privilege of editing!

In 2008, 25 Marines were killed in motorcycle accidents. The majority of these Marines were younger and had little experience on the bikes they were riding.

The film was developed to supplement and enhance the Marine Corps motorcycle training program with a thrilling instructional film intended to create excitement and simultaneously give each viewer an appreciation of the risks involved in motorcycling. It will also provide each viewer with the steps and techniques involved in becoming a more skilled and safer rider.

Semper Ride explores and educates riders on a wide variety of motorcycle riding disciplines, from motocross to sport bikes, street bikes, and dual-sport machines. Different riding styles and terrains are reviewed in-depth with an emphasis on those who pursue riding motorcycles for sport and thrills; the high risk population. First-class instructors, riders, and consultants from the professional motorcycle industry explain what each bike is intended to do, and how to improve riding skills. The tone of the film is a peer-to-peer, rider-to-rider style of instruction in an effort to break away from the traditionally dry instructional style often associated with training videos. The latest hi-definition technology was used in the production of the film to capture the riders in some of the sports most scenic and challenging settings. This film also includes the use of gyro-stabilized cameras similar to those used on award-winning shows such as Discovery Channels Planet Earth. To get a riders eye view, the production team incorporated the latest point-of-view cameras in several shots to put the viewer right in the riders seat.


~ by tatemacdowell on 05/20/2009.

2 Responses to ““Semper Ride””

  1. Sick editing Tate- that footage was all time!

  2. […] Ride event at Miramar Air Station The last major film that I edited (Semper Ride) premiered just recently to a crowd of over five thousand marines at Miramar Air Station in […]

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