Miniature Jackson Hole

My first attempt at tilt shift miniature faking. Shot from the top of the parking garage in downtown Jackson, WY with a Canon HV20 and all effects done in post on Final Cut. Can’t wait to try this when it’s a little greener and the cars and roads are clean!
Song: “Where’s my cellphone” by Random Rab


~ by tatemacdowell on 04/09/2009.

6 Responses to “Miniature Jackson Hole”

  1. sick! I’ve seen the effect on stills but not video. looks great!

    Jackson is almost bone dry though, sad day.

  2. Yeah…that is way cool, explain it in “lame”man’s terms to me.

  3. Basically, you mimic the depth of field that you’d find if you were shooting a scale model train set or something small. That can be created with a “tilt shift” lens, but I just did it with some filters in Final Cut.
    Then you boost the saturation to make the colors pop.
    Lastly, you create a speed setting to make it look like stop motion.

  4. Word…thx!

  5. miniature cody peak?!

    • that could be a good one! i think that a tram sequence could be cool too.

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