Week Sauce- Kevin Jones

The first episode in a series that has no goals or plot except to video fun stuff all day and edit out the crap (or at least some of the crap). This week in the sauce, rip around Jackson Hole Mountain Resort with Tate MacDowell and Rich Goodwin as they hunt down professional snowboarder Kevin Jones. Kevin agrees to ride with Tate and Rich, but there’s a stipulation. Watch the mini-shred go down as they ride 147cm snowboards all day.


~ by tatemacdowell on 02/17/2009.

3 Responses to “Week Sauce- Kevin Jones”

  1. You threw in a “Holy Diver”… sweeeeeet!

  2. Rolling Stone says “Weak Sauce” is a progressive mix of HeadBanger’s Ball history and breathtaking moments in which sounds and images of Kevin Jones synergize with explosive precision snow sliding. HA!!

    Get er done Kevin!

  3. Wow, That’s a pretty sick review!
    I was thinking it was like “fishing with John” on snow.
    (if you don’t know, you’d better youtube it)

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