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ASR Marketplace 2010

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This is the third consecutive show that Deep Communications has turned to Death Cookie Entertainment to cover the Action Sports Retailers trade show in San Diego and this show was by far the biggest and best show yet. This time around ASR had a total of four shows comprising the event (ASR, Class@ASR, Sacred Craft, and Crossroads) and they wanted more in depth coverage than ever before. Death Cookie Ent. was able to meet all of the clients video needs (30 videos shot during the three day event) and deliver all of the final videos either on site or within a week after the event and promoted the videos online to ensure they were being viewed by people in the action sports industry.

Check out all of the videos on the ASRLive Youtube channel

Billabong’s Art of Shaping

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It was quite the honor to get the chance to shoot with some of the best shapers in Orange County preparing their entry boards for the Billabong Art of Shaping: OC edition that will take place at ASR and Sacred Craft in San Diego on August 13th-14th 2010.

Mickey Munoz

Steve Boehne- Infinity Surfboards

Cole Simlar- Cole Surfboards

Billabong Art of Shaping at Sacred Craft

Red Bull’s Young Jaws

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Join Ian Walsh as he guides you through a session at Peahi (aka JAWS) located on the Hawaiian Island of Maui. This is one of four cuts from this session, one of which will air as a half hour television show. “Young Jaws” is the most recent project that I edited while at Brain Farm Digital Cinema.

Quiksilver’s Cypher Vision- A Short Film

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Here’s one of the most recent project that I edited while at Brain Farm Digital Cinema.

Jamie Thomas

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I got the chance to link up with skateboard legend Jamie Thomas yesterday to talk with him about Crossroads (his trade show.) I was trying to listen to all of the cool things that he was saying, but I kind of wanted to apologize to him for all the times I’ve hucked his avatar off a roof while playing Tony Hawk Pro skater.
I guess I’m hoping that there wasn’t some crazy voodoo doll effect…

Jackson Hole Freeride Team: Season 2

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It has begun!
Subscribe to the JHSCFreeride team youtube channel.